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2019 Kimberley visit diary

It was a lightning trip to the Kimberley this year, all the way through East, Central and West Kimberley in seven days. The purpose of the visit was to interview children and parents who had submitted applications for scholarships commencing in 2020. With seven children to interview and five schools to visit, we were accompanied by Heather Evans, the Indigenous Program Co-ordinator at Peninsula Grammar who was responsible for the academic testing of the candidates. Heather is an integral part of the WEST program at Peninsula Grammar and it was invaluable to have her with us.

The launch of the new WEST website in early April was fortunate timing; the site is a valuable resource for everyone interested in discovering more about the organisation and the expectations and rewards of pursuing a WEST scholarship.

We flew from Kununurra to Kalumburu on Monday for our first interviews. Back in Kunurra there were two more candidates from St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School on Tuesday. Next we travelled to Wyndham. We were delighted to see the beautiful new St Joseph’s school there – on our last visit it was a building site! It is now modern and clean with fresh new landscaping, spacious and very functional. Then it was the long drive to Halls Creek for an overnight stop. On the way there was time for a quick hello to everyone at the school at Doon Doon – we have two children from there at the moment.

We then drove to Bayulu near Fitzroy Crossing for another interview. On Friday it was on to Looma. We already have two children from this delightful community. The school sets high standards and another very good candidate had applied from one of the families that already receives our support. We also learned a bit more about Looma and its history. Looma was established in 1970 and is on Liveringa Station. Liveringa Station homestead is reached by continuing straight on at the turn off to Looma and is still in operation. If you continue on the same road you cross the Fitzroy River and beyond that you reach Myroodah (emphasis on the first syllable) Station.

Finally we drove on to Broome on Friday evening. We spent a restful day in Broome on Saturday and caught the ‘plane home on Monday. We had flown to Kalumburu, driven over fifteen hundred kilometers, and visited five schools in a week! That is the Kimberley and we always look forward to and enjoy our visits.