Our scholarships are for Indigenous students who want to pursue their education, with the support of their family

About the scholarship

The WEST scholarship is for promising and studious Indigenous Australians. The scholarship may range from special tuition to full secondary schooling in a Melbourne boarding school, and hopefully going on to tertiary education, be it a technical college or university.

Attending a top private boarding school costs money. ABSTUDY provides valuable assistance but it does not meet all of the fees. This is where scholarship providers such as WEST step in. WEST makes up the difference between ABSTUDY funding and the full school tuition and boarding fees including educational aids such as books and computers and special course expenses, uniforms, and school camp attendance.

WEST believes that every child born in Australia should have equal opportunity to go to a good secondary school, see that through to Year 12, and, if suited, go on to tertiary education. We do not accept the widely held expectation of below average educational achievement by young Aboriginal people in and from remote communities.

A WEST scholarship provides opportunity, at some of the best private schools in the country.

We have hopes and dreams for your child. If you share these, then talk to the Principal at your primary school and apply for a WEST scholarship.

High expectations

WEST scholarships are awarded to students who show a genuine enthusiasm for education and have a history of 100% attendance, participation and good classroom grades. We put great resource, effort and care into facilitating these scholarships and in return we expect our recipients will work hard to graduate Year 12 and go on to pursue further education and careers on a par with the opportunities available to mainstream Australians.

We make no apologies for setting these high standards and expectations.

However we cannot do it on our own. Our students have the greatest chance of completing Year 12 if the decision is made together with the family, and if these high expectations are continued at home. A parent’s support, unwavering commitment, belief, and strength are essential. Dropping out of school early is not acceptable.


  • An Indigenous Australian.
  • 100% attendance rate at Primary School, years 1-6.
  • Eligible for ABSTUDY.
  • Enthusiastic about furthering their education.
  • Have a goal to successfully complete Year 12.
  • Need financial assistance.
  • Parents/family show genuine support and are committed to helping the student graduate Year 12